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Five Common Productivity Killers You Should Know About

There are so many productivity killers out there and being productive can be a real struggle, and there are common productivity killers to people that usually find it very difficult to keep up with the routine.

While there is no shortcut designed to keep us productive and to make us hit our life, work goals, there are even many productivity killers that limit us from achieving things we like to achieve.

In today’s world of social media, endless distractions, and competing norms. Here in the blog, I will be talking about five of the most common productivity killers.


Five Common Prodcutivity Killers You Should Know

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One of the worst enemies of humans is overthinking and it’s also one of the worse enemies of confidence, overthinking often leads to negative seeing of things around you. It makes you twist things around you, makes you worry too much about things that aren’t supposed to be paid attention to. Overthinking makes everything around you appear so much worse than it is supposed to look. When you stop overthinking things, you will be amazed to see how many problems you’ve solved.



If most of removing fear from our hearts when we want to do something, we will realize that a lot of us will come out of our shells, We all fail sometimes– some more than others, but it shouldn’t stop us from going for what we want. That is why we should put aside fear. Remember, the only people who never fail are the ones who play it too safe.



Nothing hurts more than making excuses for things that you should get done, and when I say excuses this is something a lot of people do when they need to get something done. And most times people don’t know that making excuses is a very big productivity killer in our life and should be stopped.



The negative effect procrastination has on a lot of things can range from missing a deadline, a missing an opportunity that can kill people’s dreams. Some might be lucky enough to identify the problem and some don’t. Procrastination is very dangerous and can make alit of good things get away from people that’s why we need to be wary of it. Stop procrastinating and get things done when you get it done,

Social Media

Social media is really great for catching up with family and friends, meeting new people, getting new friends, but if left unchecked and not controlled it can be a great productivity killer to most people.


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