Five Ways to Leave a Toxic Relationship and Never Go Back.

Toxic Relationship


Leaving a toxic relationship oftentimes can be painful than staying with the person that hurts you and puts you into your insecurities and fear.

Sometimes, most of these things happen intentionally and other times it happens unknowingly. To an outsider who has never been in a toxic relationship with their loved ones, might not seem to know what you’re going through, so they seem to have an indifferent opinion about it. However, leaving what feels familiar yet tough and scary is the highest form of self-love you can attain. Leaving a toxic relationship is beyond walking out, it is first, convincing yourself that you are stuck with that person.


This blog post I am writing will offer you FIVE TIPS ON HOW TO LEAVE A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP  

no matter how hard it is for you:


1. Decide it is time to leave and stick to it

Most people when they’re resolved to leave a toxic relationship, always find it difficult to leave because they feel they might themselves going back to the person that hurt them. One very important thing you need to know is that you have the power to decide when to leave or when not to leave also, you have the power to stop someone from hurting you, you just have to be ready to stop them. And once you decide it and know it’s DONE, then you have to stand by your decision.

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2. Disconnect all form of contact

Yes, take it from me that it’s good to be seen as petty sometimes but you have the right to be, you need to cut off all forms of contacts- Social media inclusive if that makes you feel great then do it. Do away with everything that can make you remember the person or come in contact with them.


3. Get closer to your loved ones

One important to get distracted from something that doesn’t favor you is to get closer to your loved ones, people that send you positive vibes, that won’t judge you or make you feel bad.


4. Do things that make you happy

Most people stop doing things that make them happy when they get into a relationship or get married, they forget who they are, and sometimes it’s the partner’s fault and can also be their fault. So once you leave the relationship, go back to doing things you love to do that makes you happy or forget your worries


5. Be in accordance in your recovery

When you leave, don’t just ponder meet new people, move with positive-minded people, read books that will help you get better. Be in accordance with healing from a toxic relationship is very important. Truth the process and don’t give up on yourself, just accept the new you, and respect your choice.


In the end, the only person who can make you truly happy is you.

So find yourself, and be happy. I hope you enjoyed this article. Kindly drop a comment and share it with your friends.




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