Let’s Get the New Year Right – Here are 26 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2023

These new year goals are achievable and doable.


new year resolutuion

Go to the gym, quit drinking, cut your friends blablabla, whew! don’t get me wrong, they are all good goals. But don’t you think we get the same goal every day, year, and month, and never really stick to them? It’s 2023 and we can shake things up a bit. I am sure you will find something useful in this article.

26 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2023:

1. Get a Gym membership: Let me tell you something, sometimes we all focus on the wrong thing when they are many other things we can focus on, but in 2023 you need to work out to feel good and not to get thinner.

2. Stop Gossiping.

3. Focus on Passion, not how you look.

4. Eat healthier.

5. Stop procrastination.

6. Improve your concentration.

7. Be more active.

8. Meet new people.

9. Get some rest and go a day without checking your emails.

10. Read a book a month.

11. Go to someplace you’ve never been.

12. Be more kind and polite

13. Earn more money

14. Travel on a small budget.

15. Write down things you are grateful for as they come to your mind.

16. Do away with anything that will stress you.


17. Try to live happier.

18. Get more quality sleep.

19. Stop multitasking unnecessarily.

20. Spend more time with people that matter.

21. Stop buying things you don’t need.

22. Get out of debt.

23. Learn a new language.

24. Become more organized

25. Save more money.

26. Be kind on social media, stop trolling.


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