51 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend If You Doubt His Love

51 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend If You Doubt His Love

51 questions to ask your boyfriend if you doubt his love. Relationships can be overwhelming and sometimes you may be in doubt if he’s really the one. Other times, you are not so sure if he loves you just enough. However, if you get the right answers to your questions, then you may just be on the right track.

From his personal takes to the plans for the future, here are 51 questions to just need to ask.

51 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend If You Doubt His Love

Why Should You Test Your Boyfriend?

Just before you start questioning him, do you think you should? Well, according to experts, a lot of relationships crumble even when the red flags are because the right questions were not asked at the right time.

It’s been said that no one is made perfect however, with answers to the right questions you would feel more secure in the relationship.

Here are some reasons you may need to test your boyfriend

  • You suspect that there’s someone else in the picture
  • You feel you are giving more time, attention, and love
  • He’s not talking about the next level
  • You want to know him better and improve your communication

Here are 51 Questions You Should Ask

51. What does commitment mean to you?

50. If our parents oppose our relationship what will you do?

49. Who’s the first person you call when you have good or bad news?

48. What keeps you up at night?

47. What’s your favorite part of being with me?

46. Is there any reason you think we won’t end up together?

45. When you think of a beautiful family who do you see in the picture?

44. If you were to live with anyone forever, who will it be?

43. Do You believe in soulmates?

42. Can you hide anything from me?

41. Who else can you count on other than me?

40. How did you know I was the one?

39. Would my sexuality change how you feel about me?

38. Can you call me your spec?

37. What will be your reaction if I said it was over between us?

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36. Do you think we deserve each other?

35. If we parted ways, how long would it take you to move on?

34. Do you feel insecure about our relationship?

33. What do you think of my family? be honest

32. Do you enjoy spending time with me and why?

31. If we parted ways and I dated someone else briefly would you still take me back?

30. What are your greatest fears about our relationship?

29. Would you opt for an open relationship if it was an option?

28. What are some of your relationship breakers I don’t know yet?

27. Be honest, can you trade me for anything else?

26. Do you compare me to other ladies and why?

25. Who do I remind you of?

24. To what percent can your friends interfere in our relationship?

23. Have you experienced jealousy in this relationship and when was that?

22. Do you think I’m too available?

21. What are your takes on having a female bestie? would it be cool if I also had a male bestie?

20. Do you love me more or do I love you more?

19. How do you deal with negative emotions?

18. Why do you think men cheat?

17. What’s my biggest weakness?

16. Can you give up a habit if I don’t like it?

15. What do you think our relationship is lacking?

14. Do you have a favorite memory of us?

13. What about love scares you?

12. Do you believe there’s one person you are meant to be with?

11. Describe our relationship in one word?

10. How long did you think our relationship would last when we first started?

9. Where do you see us in 2 years’ time?

8. If I had to move away because of my job, would you move with me?

7. How do you cope with stress?

6. To what extent would you risk your life to save me?

5. If I lost my job would you mind footing my bills?

4. What would you do if I was pregnant?

3. What is the most special thing about our relationship?

2. Why do you still love me even after several misunderstandings?

1. What does love mean to you?

How You Should Ask These Questions

These questions are intended to test your boyfriend’s love for you and should only be known to you. As such there are certain ways you should present them for better results.

  • Get your timing right 

The right time to ask these questions is your best time together. If you present them during a fight or argument, you may just get wrong answers. Thusly, it is best to present them during fun time. In fact, you could present it as a game where he’s also free to ask you questions as well.

  • Don’t ask too many questions at once

While you are on this mission, you would also need to be patient and keep it interesting. Asking so many questions at once may bore him or make him feel uncomfortable. Just take it one after the other and you may not necessarily present it as a direct question. Use phrases like, “What’s your take on this?”

  • Pay attention to his answers

Don’t be so quick to judge your boyfriend rather pay attention to his answers and analyze them. If his answers seem to confuse you, ask for clarity.

These questions may not fully affirm if your boyfriend genuinely loves you or not. However, it should give you clues on ways you can work out your relationship and become better partners.


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