About Sisilizzzy – Elizabeth Ogunseye Anuoluwapo


Hi there! Nice to have you here

Elizabeth Ogunseye Anuoluwapo is a Lifestyle, Relationship, and Fashion content creator. She is a Nigerian, and she studied Political Science as her first degree. And furthered her education in Mass Communication as a Second degree.

Sisilizzzy style is inspired by her feelings and as a young lady, she is passionate about talking about Relationships and lifestyle. She has been a brand influencer and social media manager for years now.

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Her Journey as a Youtuber/ Brand Influencer:

In early 2017, Elizabeth Ogunseye started taking speaking seriously, she mapped out a strategy and defined her purpose and clarity on how she wanted to share her story with people in a way that would interest them. After a while, she started taking courses in Public Speaking, got certified as a TV Host, and also went ahead to get a Certificate as a Relationship Coach. In 2017, she started building her social media presence seriously and brands started locating her after so many months.

I started this blog because I love love, and I also like to talk about Relationships a lot! Love to also better myself and my personal growth is very important to me. 


  • All things to help you navigate adulting. Think of this site as your one-stop shop for all things dealing with self-care, relationships, finances, personal development, career, and productivity. An #AdultingManual if you will.
  • Real-life experiences, no sugar-coating. If you think adulting sucks, you’re right. But I am here to provide no fuss, no B.S. solutions.

Here is where you can find me online:
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