Should We Go Into A Relationship Even When In Doubt? #RelationshipTips

Should we go into a relationship even when in doubt? read this relationship tips below.

Should we date someone we know is in doubt or

should we go into a relationship when in doubt?

The answer to this question is obviously tricky, and while one shoe size fits all response will not be given, it is good to answer it yourself when in doubt.


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Short story: So in 2017, I was in a small issue many young men and women face as they grow up; deciding who I want to date.  I have never had any serious relationship at that age because I am really not the type that gave anyone attention and I didn’t even know what it was like to be in love.


While I met my ex, I was surprised that he could even want to date me, and this is because I was just someone that didn’t care about my looks, no makeup, low cut, no big bum or big breast so my heart and mind didn’t know what to do when he approached me.

After and he expressed interest in me, I was still in doubt and questions.

Will he be the one I will marry

Will this relationship last


Over the period of our relationship, I experienced great joy, laughter, and passion to be with a man I liked, But I also walked through many doubting times of confusion, questioning, anxiety, and pain. And out of all of these emotions, the most difficult but complex one to deal with was doubts.


Should have I dated when I was in doubt about the relationship?

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Should We Go Into A Relationship Even When In Doubt?

1.  Ask Yourself ‘ Why/What Do They Doubt About?

As humans, the first question to ask yourself when dating is not if they doubt at all but what exactly do they fear. this is a very useful relationship tip you should take note of when going into a relationship and in doubt.


2.  Ask Yourself ‘ Am I in Doubt’?

So read this well, I am not here to tell you to stay in any relation relationship you enter or find yourself in, Just that you need to know that some doubt in a relationship is just as normal as life generally. Until finally get hooked for life, and say your views, your partner doesn’t belong to you; Know this and know peace.

If you find yourself doubting your relationship asking yourself questions like; ‘Will he marry me, ‘Will she be the one for me’, ‘Can I trust her/him, and so on you should seek help of these questions keep popping up in your head because it’s not healthy.

3.  Ask Yourself ‘ Do I Really want to date?

Yes, this question might sound crazy but did you know that many people remain in unhealthy relationships because they fear change or losing their relationship status among friends and socially?

Right now, if you are questioning your relationship or thinking about getting into a relationship with someone you are not sure about, take the time to think deeply, if you pray then pray about it. Weigh your pros and cons, make sure you are truthful about who you want to go into the relationship and know if getting into it will add or take away from your life.

So have you ever been in this type of situation? How did you come out of it? Kindly share below and don’t forget to share if you find the information useful. Never be in doubt.


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  1. Eniola
    June 1, 2021 / 7:30 pm


  2. Blue
    June 1, 2021 / 7:45 pm

    Very well said!
    Personally, i believe when you’re in doubt, you just need a reassurance from your partner… (Especially when it feels too good to believe.

    Like you wrote, doubts are likely to set in when things start getting serious between both parties.
    Sometimes, married couples tend to doubt themselves especially when one party has disappointed the other in some ways.

    Thank you for this eye opener.

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