Too Loving: Are You Expecting Too Much from Him?

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Too Loving: Are You Expecting Too Much from Him?

Too Loving: Are You Expecting Too Much from Him?

Am I too loving? You know that you are expecting too much if you do these things:

When I was younger, I daydreamed about what it would be like to have someone special to care about me and hold me. Although I will be sincere I wouldn’t admit it, but every guy that caught my eye was a spec for examination.

Does he believe in God?

Will he love me the way I do?

Is he going to be a loyal guy?

Over the years, at a point in my life, I created a list of things/ qualities I wanted to see in my future, Mr. Right. While some were achievable, such as being someone close to God’s heart, – others like being tall, dark, and handsome, and also someone who will love me for who I am.

To this day, I am thankful that I have been saved from going through countless heartbreaks.

Am I Expecting “Too Much”? Did I ever have high expectations? or Am i too loving?

So now, let me tell you guys a little story about me. I was the girl who wore her heart on her sleeve throughout secondary school and university, and if I ever liked a guy, It was generally obvious. It was not until after university I surrendered my singleness and desires to God. I observed/ learned that I had been expecting too much from non-existence but hoped for a relationship.

You are too loving too much if you do these things- #Relationshipdvice

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Expecting “too much” from a relationship looked like me before I met my ex, Do you know what it looks like to expect too much? Being desperate, clingy, and emotional over things that don’t matter.

Now let me break it down,

Being Desperate

Before you get into the relationship, after you leave the relationship, it is important to know that you are a complete, whole, human being that should be satisfied and alone.

Now you have to note that, a relationship will now make you a happy person, or meet your everyday needs. You are in charge of your own happiness, behavior, completeness, and sanity, that is what we call being independent.

When you start to see yourself making sure you are with someone because you don’t want to be alone, then you should try to check it before it’s too late. this is how you will know that you are expecting too much if you do these things- #Relationshipdvice

You are expecting too much if you do these things- #Relationshipdvice

Being Clingy

Now in a relationship, it is very important to not be too clingy, As much as you love your partner, it is essential to know that while dating you are your own person, every person needs time apart. Don’t expect your partner to be there for you 24/7 because you want them to show they love you. It’s not your partner’s job to complete you. If you are expecting them to be the perfect person 100% of the time, or cling to their side 24/7 because you can be without them, then you need to stop it because it’s not healthy. While this might be different in relationships.


Overly Emotional

So, aside from the fact that I am also a lady with thousands of emotions running through my veins daily, monthly, weekly, and so on, it is clear that God gave us these feelings and that is what makes us human. However, they are to be felt and not control every one of the decisions we make or take.

If you are angry at your boyfriend about something, being passive-aggressive will not solve the problem. also choosing to ignore issues won’t solve the problem, because it feels good and will not take the relationship to a successful place.

Stop being overly emotional when it comes to decision-making and relationships you get in because it can only worsen especially when you don’t communicate properly.

So in conclusion, I hope we enjoyed reading this, and before I end this, I would like to say, that it’s not a bad thing to be too loving or have high expectations in a relationship, but those expectations come with being desperate, overly emotional, and too clingy then we get the wrong things in return.

Now after reading this, do you think you have been too loving? If you would like to see more of my videos, you can check out Sisilizzyvlogs  on YouTube


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