Love yourself and be confidentDo you sometimes feel troubled being confident and choosing yourself as your best friend? In this post, I will be writing about things you can do to gain more confidence and also love yourself more. Personally, these are things that helped me in this adulting journey, trust me you will definitely love it.


Now let’s talk about Confidence, Trust is being confident isn’t something that you just get quickly or become immediately and also depends on the type of environment you are from which is a big determinate also, it takes deep inner work to get to a point where you are absolutely in love with yourself and who you’ve become.

Love yourself and be confident

    1. Show up as the person you want to become
      One of the easiest ways to gain confidence and treat yourself well is by finding out who it is you want to become. Once that is done. then you start to act like the person you want to become. Does anyone inspire you? What are the things you see them doing that inspire you? How do they carry themselves? ETC. once you figure out what your dream person is, you can start implementing the habits.


  1.  2. Compliment yourself every day

Positive affirmation as cliche as it look, has a huge effect on the brain and how we view ourselves. The more compliments you tell yourself, the better you will feel about yourself and this is tested and trusted. Give yourself compliments every single day. And even if you feel you do not believe in those words, keep saying them, one day you will understand it.

  1.  3. Love your imperfection

We all have what we call flaws that we wish would disappear. All of us have those, even the celebrities we look up to. For many of us, it is physical traits that are insecurities. Whatever you think is wrong with you, trust me when I tell you it’s not. It’s normal to pick yourself apart from time time, but you can make

  1. 4. Wear what you feel comfortable in

Whatever makes you feel comfortable and amazing, it can be an all-black outfit or color ensemble, is what you need to be wearing. Trendy clothes might not be your thing and that’s totally okay. Fashion is subjective and what you feel confident in might not be the same as what your friends feel confident in. The point here is to make you feel good in what you’re wearing, no matter how old-fashioned, or trendy, it is.

  1. 5. Spend time by yourself

We only begin to get to know ourselves fully when we spend time alone. When was the last time you did something by yourself outside your relationship, family, or friends? In being confident, when you do things alone from time to time, you have the energy to think and act exactly how you want.


  1. 6. Practice gratitude every day

Practicing gratitude is something a lot of people live by when it comes to feeling great about life and themselves. No matter what you’re going through, there is always plenty to be thankful for in your life. A simple 3 minute of daily self-motivation will go a long way in your day-to-day interaction.

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