How Do I Ask A Guy Out Without Sounding Too Desperate?

How Do I Ask A Guy Out Without Sounding Too Desperate?

How Do I Ask A Guy Out Without Sounding Too Desperate? In this part of the world, asking a guy out already puts you in the desperate class. However, there are certain ways you can do it without sounding desperate. In fact, a study shows that over 80% of men do not have an issue with women asking them out. Also, 38% of men really want their crush to ask them out.

So what are you waiting for? just relax, and put on a beautiful smile while we expose 3 great ways to ask your special person out without sounding desperate.

How Do I Ask A Guy Out Without Sounding Too Desperate?

Hide Your Emotions Behind Texting or Phone Call

The best way to ask a man out without sounding desperate is through a text message or a phone call. This option would hide every emotion from him and allow him to process everything you have said.

If you decide to text him, then, choose your words carefully and expressively. Do not request a reply as you would likely sound desperate. Rather conclude by saying “I’ll stay positive while you think this through”.

You can also decide to express your love through a phone call. Do not just jump on the phone to beg for his love and attention. Professionals say it is best to start casually. This way, he will feel relaxed while you pour out your feelings.

Even though texting or calling him may make you sound unserious, a large percentage of men would rather think you are just being shy. They would likely take the lead from there.

Using Body Language to Ask a Guy Out

This is another easy way to ask a man out without feeling desperate. In fact, several people who opt for this option end up getting the man to ask them out.

All you need to do is use the right body language. For a start, you can send signals with your eyes. Maintaining good eye contact at the right time will do the magic. Asides from this, another interesting thing to do with the eye is avoid eye contact. By this, you’ll get to send  glances at him

Another body language to use is the lips. There are a lot of things you can do with your lips without saying a word. The easiest of them all is smiling. Many have caused the attention of the one they love with just a smile and you can also do the same. The next one is lip biting and of course, you can do this while maintaining eye contact.

The next body language to use is a light touch. This doesn’t imply being romantic. A light touch here is simply being caring around him. Try taking off a speck of dirt from his hair, adjusting his collar, properly placing his tie, and dozing off on him while in a taxi or anywhere comfortable.

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Ask a Guy Out in Person

This is the hardest way to ask a man out. However, if you find yourself in this position just relax and say the words without feeling unsure. Like texting, you are also required to use choose your words carefully. Here are some ways to do this without looking so desperate.

  • Don’t complete your sentences

If he is really worth it, then you’ll need to learn this trick. You could start by complimenting him and then make a switch to say, “I find you so … sorry, I was just thinking loud never mind”. At this point, you’ll make him the desperate one. In trying to get you to complete your statement, you could just comfortably tell him ” I find you so attractive”.

  • Make Wishes after a romantic movie ends

Birthdays are not the only day wishes can be made. If you see something beautiful, then you can always wish to have the same. The best way to explore this moment is after a lovely movie. This implies that you’ll get him to watch a movie with you and after romantic scenes, you can just say” I wish I had a boyfriend”, ” I wish I could have this type of relationship”, I wish I could find someone to love me this way”.

  • Tell him how you enjoy his company

When you start spending your whole day with someone, then it means you enjoy their company. All you need to do is let them know. Say things like, ” I feel so relaxed every time we are together”, and ” I wish we can always spend time together”. This would send the signal that you want them.

Over the years, many women have used this method to capture their significant other and the rest is history. This means that you can also win your man’s heart through any of these methods. However, keep in mind that not all relationships are meant to be as some men would just prefer friendship. Learn to respect whatever response you get from your target and do not keep pushing. Remember, you don’t want to sound desperate.


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