Happy Easter: 5 Facts About Easter You Should Know…..

5 Facts About Easter

Happy Easter.

It’s Easter 2021, and i am so glad to be alive today to witness another good year. Easter comes with lots of hope for alot of people and that’s why we should all be excited to celebrate it.

And before i move on, i hope you all are doing well today and having a good easter celebration whereever you are. Today, here are 5 facts about EASTER that only few people know about it. Feel free to drop a comment and share.

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  1. Did you know that the Easter bunny celebration begain in Germany?
  2. Easter egg baskets have special symbolism that we all barely know about.
  3. There’s a reason you are always asked not to eat meat on ‘Good Friday’ day
  4. Easter eggs had a mediaval twist we don’t know about.
  5. Easter celebration/ clothes used to be considered goodluck.

That’s all, i hope this season brings you good fortune and hope.

Thank you for reading, and happy easter once again.

Sisilizzzy @Sisilizzzy (instagram).

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