Guys, If A Lady Asks You These 5 Questions, She is In Love With You

Well, Guys, we are all aware that girls don’t just walk straight to tell you they are in love with you no matter how much they are into you. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t ladies that do tho. Unlike men who express their feelings as much as they can. However, as a guy, you can tell when a lady is in love with you. Her behavior around you and what she talks about can portray her feelings for you. In this article, I will share five questions a lady in love with you, will definitely ask you.


Guys, If A Lady Asks You These 5 Questions, She is In Love With You

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1. She will ask you why you are still single or why aren’t you seeing anyone:

Okay, so this may sound like a normal question but the truth is most times, ladies only ask guys they like and want something with these questions. And it’s mostly to know how they can approach you or where they stand with you.

2. She will want to know about your family and friends:

Now let me tell you this for a fact, a lady in love is always concerned about you, and when that happens, she will always want to ask you about your relatives and other close friends.

3. If you marry someone like her: 

You will notice a lady is liking you or want something with you when she starts asking in a friendly manner if you will ever marry someone like her.

4. She will always ask about your everyday well being: 

When she’s in love with you, your well-being is going to be a thing of priority to her and you will start getting texts and phone calls wanting to know how you spent your day, places you have been to during the day, and all that.

5. She will ask what first notice in a lady and want to know how you handle lady matter:

Ladies, sometimes want to know where a guy stands in some situations even if you both aren’t dating, when issues about ladies come up in the news, she will want to know what you think, how you will go about it if it were you. And so on.


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