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Friendship & Romance: DID WE HAVE TO RUIN IT WITH A KISS?

Did we have to ruin the friendship with a kiss? – Friendship & Romance.

What if we didn't ruin it with a kiss?

What if we left friendship the way it is supposed to be and did not ruin it with a kiss? Have you ever had such type of situation? Well, this article is for friendship that has probably been ruined by a kiss! And most times I get when people say ‘Date your friend’.

But what if the friendship gets ruined from the moment sexual activity is involved? I have had people say the day they agreed to date their ‘besties’ was the time they got revealed a lot of things about the person. Yes, I agree that some actually get lucky with date/ being in a romantic relationship with their friends but it’s like 4/10 with stories I have heard, and trust me I hear it doesn’t turn out well. 

You might have gotten lucky too, but don’t you think things might have gone south? Okay, what if you weren’t lucky? Does that mean you ruined a friendship you built for years?

How do you deal with knowing you could’ve stayed as friends instead of getting yourself into the romance? Are friendships meant to stay as friends or get extended if the feelings get developed? 

Over time, I’ve learned to stay friends if I truly value the friendship bond we share, especially as the opposite sex.



Anyways, Do you think dating your friend is a good idea? Or should we stay as friends? Let me know your thought in the comment section and don’t forget to share with your friends too. Cheers.


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