Four (4) Content Creation Mistakes You’re Making No.3 is very Important

In this article, I will share four (4) content creation mistakes content creators make, and this was demanded by one of my Instagram audience.

Now let’s get into it, if you are a content creator or making moves to start creating content, you need to know that content is the most important part of your page.

But it can be a little tricky. As soon as you get it right, you will see huge changes in your content creation.


Before I go ahead, have you concluded on what content you want to start creating? write in the comment section. How do you plan to create it? Video, image?

Four (4) Content Creation Mistakes You're Making No.3 is very Important

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Here are 4 content mistakes you may be making and not aware of:

1. Not having a Niche: 

As a content creator, you need a niche to survive and this is for you to know the type of content you want to create. And if you are just starting out as a content creator and you’ve not decided on the niche you will like to focus on, I will list different niches you should consider and make sure you have the core strength in the niche you want to focus on. Below are 8 popular niche you can pick from:

  • How to make money
  • Healthy & Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Parenting
  • Personal Development
  • Diet & Nurtition
  • Personal Finance

Finally, having a niche is also to have you have a clear idea of who your idea are.

2. Confusing Content:

Are you posting just anything or you are strategic about what you post? Here is another mistake content creators make, and the truth is that when you just keep posting just anything, anyhow, any day it confuses those that follow your content and that’s why having content is the most important and good one. And also, posting confusing content can hold back your growth.

3. Posting what you want:

When creating content, do you post what you want or what your audience want? You need to note that your target audience/market is KEY and important so in every content you create, consider your audience. To reach your goal, always consider your audience.

4. Not testing New Content:

You must always and consistently test a new type of content as they come out because every day, new ideas are created and invented.


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