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  • September 6, 2021

Consistency: 5 Powerful Ways to Stay Consistent & Becoming Successful

Consistency: 5 Powerful Ways to Stay Consistent & Becoming Successful.

5 Powerful Ways to Stay Consistent & Becoming Successful

How to stay consistent & become successful

Do you want to know how to create content faster and consistently even when you are extremely busy? Then you should save this article and make sure you share it with your friends so that you can stop wasting time.

Now let’s get into it, to be very honest I know creating content can be so much work, especially when it’s writing or make videos. but trust me you’ve got this. Before we move on tho, ask yourself ‘ What type of content do I like to create or what type do I want to create.


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1. Create specific and realistic goals: I know it’s hard to be consistent and this is because I can relate personally as a content creator and this mostly happens if you don’t have an idea of what you want to do. When you are starting your new path in life, in fact, anything you are doing creates easy, simple goals with a specific, measurable result. You need to start by defining what consistency means to you, how important is your goal to you? And you’ve done that, be specific with what you want to do. And make sure you stick to it.

2.  Create a schedule for yourself: Yea, it can be easy to pile up tasks and promises but a calendar, planner, or schedule will help you and also keep you on track. A schedule will help your day so that you can get everything done on time. And to do this, use a paper planner or a Google calendar or desk calendar. Block off realistic amounts of time for each task. And if you aren’t sure how long the task will take, there’s always a space to give yourself enough time. Don’t forget to plan in breaks as well!!

3. Place reminders around your home or workspace: Sometimes, it is easy to forget our new goals, and commitments, ourselves. To remind yourself throughout the day, write down your goals on post-it notes.

4. Make promises only if you can keep them: Consistency often involves making commitments and keeping them. As a human, you can get overwhelmed, however, if you make too many promises. Don’t make promises if you can’t keep up with them. Make sure your goals and schedules are something you can keep up with.

5. Reward yourself when you get something done: One thing I think people don’t do is rewarding themselves when they achieve a goal, it is very important to know that when you get a goal done make sure you celebrate it. It’s always good to celebrate little wins. Even small goals deserve small rewards to help keep you motivated throughout the process. For example, if you’ve ever managed to complete your work by 5 pm every day for a week, take an evening off. Go see a movie, get good food or make a special dinner for yourself.


  •  Sometimes, like when the family is in town or when you feel tired, you may have to make adjustments and commitments. This is honestly fine, and you should always allow yourself those adjustments.
  • Also, remember that it’s not very helpful to be consistent in general. You can just have specific things you want to be consistent in, like ‘I want to be consistent in my goals in getting xoxoxo things this month’. and so on.


  • Do not beat yourself up when you do fail to always be consistent. Remember, no one is perfect, but with practice, you can become more consistent about things you can do.

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  • August 16, 2021

HOW TO: Things you SHOULD be DOING in your 20s for BETTER a life

HOW TO: Things you SHOULD be DOING in your 20s for BETTER a life

How to LIVE a BETTER 20s

Ever thought about Things you SHOULD be DOING in your 20s for BETTER a life?

If you ask me 10 years ago where I saw myself in 10 years, I’d probably have given an answer I am not sure about because most of the time, we all want to be something or be somewhere but then destiny has a way of getting to you. Some of us say we will be married with beautiful kids, a good job, life going smoothly.

But right now in my late 20s, having a well-paid job and good life is my priority. Not like if the others happen, I won’t be glad. One thing I’ve learned about life is that

‘ things won’t go as planned but where you end up will definitely be determined by the daily and weekly choices you make’


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As much as I am living my 20s how I want and have accomplished quite a few goals, there’s still more work to be done. But here are a few key ways to live better in your 20s.

1. Be Disciplined

2.Know how to plan

3. Stop feeling bad about your past.

4. Educate Yourself

5. Starting taking care of your health

6. Avoid time wasters

7. Learn to say ‘NO’ with confidence

8.Learn to accept and love yourself first.

9. Take more risk

10. Learn to communicate with politeness.


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  • August 2, 2021




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Are you looking for content ideas that will blow up your blog and youtube account this new month? Then you should read these 15 content ideas that will blow up your page.

July went by really quickly but I am extremely excited it’s a new month and I am sure it’ll be filled with lots of great things.

When you think about what to create, it can be a lot of work, in this article, you will a lot.


  1. School Morning Routine

2. Night Routine

3. Work Vlog

4. Advice

5. Skin Care Routine

6. A Day In My Life

7. Vlogs

8. Tech Unboxing

9. DIY

10. Room Transforming

11. Storytime

12. Pranks

13. How to Videos

14. Clothing Hauls

15. Makeup Tutorials

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Viola, I hope you find the list helpful, if you want to know more about topic ideas, check it up on my youtube channel, link attached to this article.