5 “Innocent’ Habits You Need to Stop Doing Now!

5 ‘innocent’ habits you need to stop now, many times people do these things and sometimes don’t know that they’re bad habits that need to be unlearned, I am speaking from experience and how I had to stop doing most of the things in this article. What if I tell you that if you stop the habits written in this post, you will see mind-blowing changed? Well, check it out.

1. Nail Biting:

Do you know that biting your nails does not only damage your teeth and the skin around your nails but can also lead to an infection that might cause you greatly? You may probably also get sick when you put your fingers in your mouth because most times, we lay our hands on things we don’t know what has been put on them, and that way, we attract germs in our mouth which is why you need to stop biting your nails now.

Habits you need to stop- Biting Nails


 2.  Cheating on sleep

These days, cheating on sleep has been the order of the day, even for people who don’t suffer from a sleep disorder. Sleep is not weak don’t let anyone tell you that ‘ Sleeping is for the weak. If you don’t get enough sleep, you are putting yourself at risk of falling depressed, high blood pressure, memory issues, etc. Stop cheating sleep, Get some sleep today!

Habits you need to stop- Cheating on Sleep


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 3.  Eating too quickly

I am also guilty of this until I had to make effort to stop it, and funny thing is that this started from boarding school because you don’t want anyone to come to eat your food so you quickly rush your food, hot or not but the truth is ‘Are you being pursued’? Some will give excuses like mine and answer Yes but for others that didn’t go to boarding school, why are you rushing your food? Stop that habit now because it’s not healthy at all and you can also get choked while rushing your food and that can lead to something else.

Habits you need to stop- Eating too quickly

4. Using your phone in bed

See ehn! I know plenty of people are sitting pretty on this table, you know I mentioned cheating on sleep up there, this exactly is the cause of why it happens and it needs to be stopped if you really want to live a healthy life.

Habits you need to stop- Using your phone in bed

5. Sitting for a long period

Most Nigerians 9-5 workers spend too much time sitting down, especially when you’re in traffic, at work, on your way home, in church ETC. But the truth is, sitting for too long can lead to slower metabolism, heart diseases, etc.  You can actually just get up every now and then, move around even if it’s a 10-minute walk, this should really help well.

Habits you need to stop

So which of these habits are you guilty of? I hope this is helpful, kindly share with your friends and drop a comment if you’ve ever done any of this before and also had to stop it.


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