5 Habits you Should Practice Everyday When you Wake Up

Do you have habits you practice when you wake up every day?

So as usual, some people really don’t think doing anything when they wake up is necessary. Some wake up, go to the bath, dress up, eat and dash out. But most of the time forget that there are some that really good practices as an adult, that you should make as a habit.

There are days where I barely check everything off my to-do list. And there are days where I don’t even come close at all, and if you have 9-5 you can relate to the struggle when it’s 4:00 pm and you just shut down mentally totally even when you have things to do. But the truth is you might be setting yourself up to ‘fail’ from the start of the day without even knowing it.

So here are 6 habits you should practice every day when you wake up, this I have tested and adapted over the years and I promise it is a really good practice,

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1. Wake Up Early:

This is the very first decision you should make when you wake up every day, get out of the best early and straightway. If you set an alarm and when it’s time and you keep snoozing on replay it’s a very bad habit. And one thing you need to know is that getting out of bed within seconds of hearing your alarm is you telling your mind that you’re bigger than the excuse you make.

Another reason you should get out of bed early is so that you can improve the quantity and the quality of sleep.


2. Create a Morning Routine:

Maybe you like to run, job yoga, or enjoy a healthy breakfast, this part is a very good habit you need to practice every day when you wake you and it can be in different forms, you can meditate, exercise, read, pray, just do something and make sure you are consistent at it. it’s also a way of setting your mind for the week before setting out. When you create a morning routine, your mind is prepared for when you get up and you also get to do things at the time you need to get them done.


3. Surround yourself with positive people:

There is a popular saying I love which is ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,’ said an American author and entrepreneur Jim Rohn. This is exactly why you need to surround yourself with people that won’t spread negativity around you. Spend your day wisely and consider those you spend it with because this also has a long way to go with how your day will be spent. ;


4. Plan Your Day:

If you’ve prepared everything you need before, the decision made needs to be minimized,d and for this to be done, you make sure your day is planned. Planning your day needs to be done a day before the next. This is a very good habit to practice and this also gives you a sense of responsibility and also makes you accountable for things that need to be sorted in a day. Planning your day can include, cloth to wear to work, cloth to wear to the gym, food to eat before work, work that needs to be done, and many more.

Personally, I like to plan my week, especially content I need to create, tho it’s not like you will mostly like finish all on the list but this will at least give you the direction that needs to be followed. Before you check you check your phone, define your two priorities and put these at the top of your list.


5. Define your purpose and visualize your goals:

One thing you need to understand is that the most motivating choices are those that come with the ‘why’ question. Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith — these are all highly successful people who have taught about the power of visualization to realize their goals.

  ‘ it’s the same process i used in bodybuilding: what you do is create a vision of who you want to be — and then live thta picture as if it were already true’ — Arnold Schwarzenegger

So define your list of values to find your sense of purpose. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing, and let this motivate you to do your best today.


So why not try out these habits every day when you wake up? Do


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